30 Day Nutrition Challenge


It’s that time of year again! We just came off the holiday season and most of us feel like we indulged too much. We’re feeling it! It’s New Years resolution season and you want to make a change. You want to get back to where you were before the holiday’s or kick off this year finally making the big lifestyle changes you’ve been dreaming of.  Well… what better way to get motivated then through a fun 30 Day Nutrition Challenge right?

And to give you little more incentive to join in and stay dedicated, we’re offering a prize to the person who loses the most combine inches and completes all the fun tasks. Don’t worry, the tasks will be as simple as posting a fun recipe or progress photo to our dedicated nutrition challenge Facebook page. The prize will be 1 Free Unlimited month access 🙂

Whats the price and what’s involved?

It cost’s $99 to enter. You will get 1 initial consult and 1 post consult which will include photo’s, measurement’s, a goal setting chat, individual caloric need’s and macro’s breakdown and a nutrition booster quick start guide. You will have access to the Challenge Facebook page where we and the participant’s will be posting tons of information and recipes, not to mention all the peer support!

What do you have to lose.. other than those pesky pounds you’ve been itching to get rid of. Join us for this fun challenge and reach your true potential!

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Nutritional Coaching

If you’ve been working your butt off exercising to shed those stubborn few pounds, odds are you just need to fine tune those eating habits a bit.

A nutritional coach is someone who looks at your current eating habits and helps you make the necessary adjustments to meet your goals. They help you remain disciplined and accountable through scheduling biweekly check-ins and measurements.

Depending on your current level of nutritional knowledge we will either get you started by implementing small and easy changes to your daily eating habits, go full on into a macro nutrient breakdown and program or a combination of the both.

A coach helps you stay focused, accountable, inspired and disciplined.
A coach helps you reach the goals you never thought possible!


1 Month – $160

3 Month – $145

6 Month – $130

9 Month – $115

12 Month – $100