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Robbie Cote – Owner/Head Coach 

I grew up here in Slave Lake. I was born here, went through all my years of school here and the majority of my family lives here. I’d like to have a family of my own in Slave Lake. It gives me pride to call Slave Lake my home town and it feels good to be living here again.

Three years ago a friend of mine and I made a “who’s going to get abs first” bet. After a month of at home workout videos and doing the same thing every day I was getting a little bored, that’s when my friend approached me with a Groupon for CrossFit. Neither of us had any idea what CrossFit was but being a guy of adventure and curiosity I agreed. I have always liked to think of myself as an athletic, fit guy. Well…after attending my first class of CrossFit I realized I had some work to do! It was tough and intense yet fun and intriguing. The people were amazing! It had a real community feel to it, I knew I had to go back. The next day the WOD (workout) was completely different and left me sweating on the floor with a huge smile on my face. I looked around and there were eleven other people doing the same. It was great! Who knew that it would set a fire within me that’s continued to grow since that day.

CrossFit was unlike anything I tried previously. It’s forever challenging and the encouragement and support you get from fellow athletes is like no other. I knew that this was something I wanted to continue and it eventually became a dream of mine to open my own Box (CrossFit gym). What better place to do this than my home town, a community of strong resilient individuals.

When this dream got a solid footing in my mind, I set out and did what I needed to do to have the skills and knowledge it would take to teach, instruct, and coach others. I drove down to Salt Lake City, Utah to acquire my CrossFit level 1 certificate and then moved to Vancouver for three months where I spent each day shadowing and learning from other CrossFit coaches. I was even more certain after all of this that I was on the right path. I enjoy the energy, community, and atmosphere of a CrossFit gym as much as I enjoy the WODS and the results of the WODS.

Now here I am with my own Box in my home town. I’m excited and so looking forward to showing future CrossFit Slave Lake athletes what so many people have become passionate about. Who’s an athlete you ask? Anyone willing to try it out and become a part of it! It’s an amazing feeling to watch people better themselves and to see the pride in their faces when they achieve personal goals. CrossFit has changed my life!

Leanne Masur – CrossFit Level 1 Coach

I am originally from Hudson Bay, Sk.  I moved to Slave Lake in March of 1992.  Slave Lake is where I met my husband and we have raised the 3 pride and joys of my life, my sons.  Matt and I married young and almost immediately started our family. When I was in high school I played almost every sport I could.  I loved fastball, track and field, volleyball and curling. But once I started having my babies my focus shifted to them and they have happily been my main focus since 1996.  My very active and competitive boys kept us very busy and on the road.

Around 4 years ago or so I heard about this “Crossfit”.  Many people I knew were trying it out. I had currently joined Boxing with my middle son and was quite enjoying that so I thought I would give Crossfit a try.  After attending my second Fundamental Class I left coughing up a lung and coughed for hours after as well. I left scared and thought I clearly am not cut out for this level of fitness.  A girlfriend that was in Crossfit constantly hounded me to come back and get my third Fundamental class. I laughed at her and just kept shrugging her off. My husband and I tried the Crossfit Light class that was offered for a short time and I did enjoy that.  In this class there was no bar work and I enjoyed that part the most because lifting weights intimidated the heck out of me. Well summer came and the class dwindled off. So that fall I was looking for something to do and in October of 2015 I finally mustered up the courage to come back and complete my 3rd Fundamental Class.  I then started attending more regularly and committed to a “ONE” years membership at the end of December in 2015.  Promising to myself that with my membership I would have to attend classes at least 3 times a week to get my moneys worth.  

Well I am proud to say 2 1/2 years later I have not attended less than 3 classes per week unless we  were gone on holidays. When I first started my goal was to have my toes touch that bar, just once. My toes can now touch that bar more than a few times.  Some days I reap small rewards for my consistency. Some days I see massive gains and some days just plain ol suck but I honestly can’t imagine my life without Crossfit in it.  

With a gentle nudge from my Coach Robbie I completed my Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Course in January 2018.  Since then I have been loving coaching row classes and have been enjoying coaching some Crossfit Classes as well.  Coaching Crossfit has brought a whole new level of learning for me and I continue to be a work in progress.

Crossfit is continually teaching me to be “Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”.  I have had the pleasure of working out with all walks of life in the gym.  Everyone is on their own journey and has their own goals in mind. And often these goals change.  Everyone roots for one another and we all have each others backs. There is an evident sense of a Community within the gyms 4 walls.

I look forward to what the next chapter shall bring.  I really hope to be able to be a part of someone else’s success story and believing in that athlete the same way my coach believed and continues to believe in me.  

Jessica Cordeiro – CrossFit Level 1 Coach

I started at CrossFit Slave Lake in February 2014. I came in to do my Intro class after a night shift and did Tabata squats for the workout; I couldn’t walk for a week! I decided to join with my sister and we began doing our fundamentals together, where I instantly got hooked. I was so sore, but there was something about CrossFit that made me feel comfortable working out, despite doing incredibly uncomfortable things. For the first time in my entire life, I looked forward to the gym and working out. I loved the weightlifting portion, I needed work in the cardio department but it didn’t stop me. I remember after my first month of joining I had lost 10 inches just from going 3-5 times a week and I was stoked. I became more comfortable in my body and was amazed at the strength I had. 

During my time at the box, I had suffered a back injury at work, which I was able to recover from and come out stronger than ever because of CrossFit. When I got  pregnant, I was able to continue to move well, despite growing a human. Even through paramedic school and being stressed, I knew that I had a place to go for an hour to let go of it all. I have met the most amazing people at the box and we have all become a family, which is by far the best part. Watching our CrossFit community grow, with both children of members as well as new members,  is so amazing and thinking back on where some of us started and where we are now is incredible. 

Being given the opportunity to Coach has been nothing short of amazing! I love meeting everybody and working with such a wide variety of people. I hope that my love for the sport inspires others to continue being so awesome and perhaps maybe even take the same leap that I did! I know it sounds cliché, but CrossFit has truly changed my life for the better, both physically and mentally, and I can’t imagine life without it now. 

Dalton Masur – CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Growing up I had always competed in many different sports with hockey, baseball and later freestyle skiing being the main sports. However once high school had finished so did many of the competitions and as a result I found myself lost and searching for a physical outlet. Along came my mother (Leanne) who had started Crossfit Light with Robbie and was now attending regular Crossfit classes. She had nothing but positive things to say and had begun to try and convince me to attend my fundamentals class. However like many others, I found attending a class for Crossfit very intimidating. After some time had passed, I found myself falling into an unhealthy lifestyle and was in need of a change. So I decided to attend the fundamental class and I instantly fell in love with the style of training Crossfit embodies. Before my first class had even finished I was already regretting not starting earlier. As Months passed on, the sense of community just continued to keep growing and everything that I was nervous about when attending my first class had vanished. That is what I love about Crossfit the most; everyone is rooting for you to do well. No matter what your new PR is, whether its deadlifting 500lbs or completing your very first pull-up, there is always a cheer. 

After two years of being an athlete the conversation of me taking my Level 1 had become a daily occurrence with the other athletes in my class. With the friendly nudge from my fellow athletes and coach Robbie I decided to take my Level 1 in February of 2019 and have not looked back. I have always enjoyed coaching, no matter the sport. And Crossfit is no exception. There is something new almost everyday. New people, new stretches and ways to warm up, new ways to make you sweat. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a constant theme in Crossfit, both as a coach and athlete. However I feel it is important to be in that position as it shapes us to be better not only as athletes but in life as well. As a pilot I am often in positions where I need to be sure of my current decisions. Crossfit has definitely gave me more confidence in myself that has transferred into not only my profession, but life as well. As a coach it is my goal to help others change their lives positively in any way I can. 

Tegan Boissonneault – CrossFit Level 1 – CrossFit Kids Coach

I grew up in PEI and moved to Alberta just after high school where I met my husband Sam. We’ve been married for almost 9 years and we have 3 amazing kids .
Growing up I was always into sports whether it was soccer in the summer and biathlon in the winter or track and field in school . I enjoyed staying active, so when a friend of mine told me there was a CrossFit gym opening in Slave lake I wanted to find out more!
February 2014 CrossFit opened and I signed up for the first 9 AM class. I went and absolutely loved it … I was sore, definitely sore, hahaha but I was hooked. From then on I have learned so much about myself, became healthier, more fit, but most of all I found something that was for ME. I’ve met so many amazing people and friends at CrossFit that are cheering you on till the very last rep. I’m definitely thankful for my CrossFit family.
Fast forward to October 2018 – I went to a 9 AM class and ended up having a conversation with Coach Leanne about maybe getting my level 1 coaching certificate. First thing out of my mouth was  “No way, I couldn’t do that”, even though deep down inside I really wanted to. I spent the next few weeks debating and then I started to study. The more I studied I realized I definitely wanted to do this so I signed up. At the end of November I got my Level 1 certificate and started coaching right away and I absolutely enjoy every minute of it! I get to see people reach goals and get stronger and healthier every day. I absolutely love my job!
Then after a year of coaching, in Oct 2019 I decided I to take the kids CrossFit course so I could have the ability to coach younger kids ages 5+ in a fun active and safe environment. Now I’m super excited to start the CrossFit kids program for kids ages 5-8.
Christophe-Francois Le Gresley – CrossFit Level 1 Coach
I was born in Paspébiac, Quebec, and attended high school mostly in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. I attended college in Alma, Quebec, before joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in July 2017. Slave Lake has been my first posting and I am truly grateful for the opportunity the RCMP gave me to be part of this community.

Growing up, hockey was all there was, playing two years at the Midget AAA level which led to a three year junior career, sports and training has always occupied a major place in my life. I’ve been exposed to high intensity training ever since I was 13 years old, so it was an easy transition into CrossFit.

I stepped into CrossFit Slave Lake in February of 2018 and never looked back. CrossFit became a passion of mine, a place where I can relieve some stress and push myself to my limits. Joining CFSL has been an amazing experience and I’ve learned so much about myself. Being pushed outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis while learning how to move efficiently is what CrossFit is all about.

Seeing our clients attend the gym and their progress is what motivates me to keep going. I consider myself a strong motivator and will keep pushing our clients in order for them to reach their true potential.

I am looking forward to the future of CFSL and seeing our community grow.

Coach Chris

Sherisse Labby – Row Coach
I have always been a very active person in everything or anything that seemed fun and challenging, which is why I fell in love with the rower.  This is one machine that I couldn’t beat or get bored of. No matter how good I got, it kept pushing me to a new level. I love the fact that when I row I’m working every part of my body in just a few simple movements. This is when I decided I wanted to become a certified rowing coach, so I did!  The knowledge that I got out of my course was amazing and fun. Now I get to show what I love to others and help them improve their fitness like it has mine.  

Hope to see you on the rower!

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