Strength/ Skill

Seated Box Jump


*Sit on a wall ball or box low enough that knees are just below hip crease (standard for squat depth) With glutes and quads engaged in a static hold, take a breath and push feet through floor while driving up with the arms to reach a Max height jump.

Do not use any type of momentum to initiate.

Sets are to be done fairly fast with very minimal rest between reps. Look for a Max with the last set being a single.



150 Wall Ball 20/14

*Enter the pain cave and stay in there until it’s over!

CrossFit BURN

The Kettlebell:

10 Rounds (30 min Cap)

10 KBS

5 Single arm KB Push Press left arm

5 Single arm KB Push Press Right arm

10 Over KB lateral Burpee

10 Alt Plank KB Drag

*If you are new to CrossFit or CrossFit BURN, pick a lighter weight and practice good form. Chop reps and times down if needed

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