“12 Days of Christmas”

For Time:
1 Clean and Jerk 115/75

2 Handstand Push Up

3 Front Squat 115/75

4 Pull Up

5 Push Up

6 Toe 2 Bar

7 Wall Ball 20/14

8 Box Jump 24/20

9 Kettlebell Swing 24/16

10 Bar Over Burpee

11 Thruster 115/75

12 Snatch 115/75

* Here it is people! All year we’ve been working our butts off to get stronger, faster, more power full and to have better endurance. We’ve been working out to be fitter and healthier humans. 

Every Christmas we do this same wod to compare past results and therefore test our fitness against our former selves.

It looks tough right? That’s because it is… I’m not going to lie. But as usual, you will get warmed up, pick appropriate weights for your skill level (hopefully an advancement from last year) and plug away until it’s done. And as miserable as it feels while doing it, you will be stoked and happy you did it when it’s over.

I recommend attacking this one with a cautious pace. Try to get your breaks between movements and hit most of the reps unbroken. Do not come out of the gates Sprint as you will regret that in the later rounds 

Most importantly… Have fun and then stick around from 5pm on and enjoy food, drink and amazing company.

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