With a running clock:

0:00-5 min

Row For Cal

5:00-10 min

Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20

10:00- 15 min

Assault Bike for Cal

15:00- 20 min

Sled Push #45/25 on sled

20:00- 25 min

Shuttle run 15ft, 30ft, 45ft


This workout is about Aerobic threshold. The ability to keep on trucking like a diesel engine for long periods of time. And to increase that engines endurance and intensity over time.

Its time to sweat and burn some fat.

Keep on moving at a sustainable pace minimizing breaks to 0 if possible.

*This wod is for reps. Each length of sled push is 1 Rep.

Each full complex of shuttle run is 1 rep.

*Shuttle run is done as follows:

Run to 15 ft mark and back

Run to 30 ft mark and back

Run to 45 ft mark and back

Equals 1 Rep.

* Let’s pour sweat and burn fat!!

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