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Hey everyone,

Here are a few things that may help some of you who may be confused about the Mind Body Online System.

First off. Everyone who has a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month membership, will need to enter their credit card info into the system. If you don’t, you will not be able to sign up for classes when your next payment date arrives. The payment will still come out via zenplanner but mindbodyonline will not let you sign in for classes. So please, enter your payment info now to avoid confusion later.

Next, if you haven’t already logged in for the first time and created a password, please follow this link  Here you will enter your first and last name in the “New to our site?” window. After you hit enter, your name should then pop up. Beside it, click on “this is me”. If you are new to our gym or haven’t been here in a while, your name will not pop up. Just continue with creating your own profile.  Once you have done so and entered your password and profile information, you are good to go.

To access the link in the future, to view the calendar and sign up for classes etc, the link can be found in the website menu. Go to, “Member login/calender/schedule”.

Also, for a super easy way to manage your classes, add the app to your phone, Mind Body Connect. You can easily view the calendar, see your schedule of booked classes and billing. It’s a great app.

We are not using Zenplanner anymore. Please remove any links you have saved to your phone. These will not work as you can no longer sign up on the zenplanner calendar.

Any further questions or concerns can be sent to-

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