It’s been going around that I am not a certified trainer. False! Here is my CrossFit level 1 certification. For those who still wonder…this does make me a certified trainer. Along with my +2 years practice in the sport, I also completed a 3 month hands on coaches apprenticeship course under the Mad Lab Group at  CrossFit Vancouver under some of the most experienced and knowledgable coaching staff in the world.  Without a proper certification I would not be legally able to affiliate with CrossFit.

So with that said…I would like to thank the people of Slave Lake for the overwhelming response we’ve had. Some really amazing people come in here everyday and bust there asses! I can see the  results already! It’s so exciting for me to see these crazy changes in people. I can’t wait to see more. Keep up the hard work!


Metcon (for reps + cal)


Partner WOD

20 Min AMRAP

6 Thruster #95/65

6 Bar facing  burpee

9 Thruster

9 Bar facing burpee

12 Thruster

12 Bar facing burpee

15 Thruster

15 Bar facing burpee

18 Thruster

18 Bar facing burpee

21 Thruster

21 Bar facing burpee…

keep adding 3 each round


* Each partner completes  round before moving on to next round.

* 1 Partner is rowing for calorie while partner 2 completes required reps

* Score is total reps + total calories




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