New Introductory class available Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

Come learn how CrossFit Slave Lake members are getting so fit!
-Get a movement assessment
-Learn how to row on a Concept 2 Rower
-Learn how to perform a kettle bell swing with safe and efficient form
-Learn how to perform a squat properly and safely
-Learn how to perform a push-up and pull up…Don’t worry if you can’t… we will teach the modifications and progressions used by our members… the very ones that got many of them doing they’re own full push-ups and pull-ups!
-Get coached through your very first CrossFit Workout lasting anywhere from 6-10 min long utilizing a combination of the movements you just learnt
All for $15 +gst
Everything we do is scalable for any level of fitness and any age!
Start acting on those health and fitness goals today!

Thanks for checking out our site. If you are new to CrossFit and wondering how to get started. Follow the “New CrossFit Athletes-Start here” tab in the menu.


Click here to schedule a massage.

Massage Therapist Chantel Koetzle, RMT is now practicing out of CrossFit Slave Lake.

Learn more about Chantel and see her services and prices by clicking the Massage Therapy tab in the home screen.

4 thoughts on “|HOME”

  1. Today I did my first official WOD at CrossFit Slave Lake. I have been doing CrossFit for over 3 years now, completing workouts basically on my own using equipment bought over these few years.

    When I registered for my first class, I spent all day being SUPER nervous/anxious about what to expect… Would I be “good enough?” will I “be judged?”. However when I walked into the Box, those thoughts disappeared when I meet people who were just as passionate about Crossfit as I am. Rob proved his coaching skills by providing excellent advice and guidance. Encouragement from himself and others made the WOD a little more bearable!!

    I would definitely recommend anyone (and I mean ANYONE) to come out and give it a try! I will definitely be using up my 10 pass soon!

    Thanks CrossFit Slave Lake for taking the effort to establish a Box here… I can definitely say that it will improve my lifestyle, both physically and socially!

  2. Hey all,

    I work on the road all over Alberta and have had the opportunity to visit various crossfit gyms all over Alberta. Slave Lake Crossfit is an awesome establishment with awesome coaches!

    I have been doing crossfit for a couple years now and Robbie actually corrected an issue I had with my snatch within minutes of being at the gym! Coaches from all over never picked up in it which goes to show you that he is paying attention to the details which is what makes a good coach!

    Take advantage of having an awesome place in slave lake to get your crossfit on!

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