Today I’m breaking the mystery WOD rule. Don’t tell the WOD! I feel this one is important, as it is the beginning of a new strength focus. We will be building up our Back Squats over the next couple months. So try to come in tomorrow and find your 1RM.  You need to know your starting point in order to prove those gains. #measurmentoffitness

Strength/ Skill

Back Squat

A) Establish 1 RM 

B) 3 x 1 @ 90% 1 RM
Metcon (for time)

It’s a mystery??


Mystery WOD Week??

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Mystery WOD??

We will not be posting any WOD’s this week.

You never know what physical, mental and emotion challenges life will throw at you. It is always full of surprises.

CrossFit was designed around the philosophy of GPP (General Physical Preparedness)

Not knowing what the WOD is the night before eliminates any option to cherry pick and simulates the surprises life has in store.  I challenge you to come in not knowing what awaits you and do your best!


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