I wasn’t fit before CrossFit

I’m creating this post for those of you who have the impression that you need to be fit, to start CrossFit. I’ve met most of you, after my physical transformation. Some of you are under the impression that I’ve always looked the way I do currently.

Not so.

When I started CrossFit. I could barely run more than a minute without wanting to stop and catch my breath. I used dumbells instead of barbells and I could do only four sloppy push-ups before my tank was empty. Pull-ups were nowhere in sight for me.

Within the first few months of CrossFit, I was able to run a 5km spartan. I had only done a couple practice runs. The rest of my cardio gains came from CrossFit workouts themselves.

Within a year (just over) I ran the Tough Mudder in Montreal. (That’s the middle picture I posted) and could do 21 unbroken, unassisted pull-ups in a row.

Currently, I can do 50 unbroken, solid form push-ups. Chest to bar pull-ups and just recently moved into the RX division of a CrossFit competition.

It took hard work and almost three years to get here. I have no idea what I weigh. I haven’t been on a scale in over a year. I can tell you though. My weight went up and down over the last few years while in CrossFit but the inches continued to drop off. I don’t even care what I weigh. I feel great in my skin and clothes.

Results take time. They take patience. They take hard work and dedication. We will all see results. Some may see them quicker than others but they will come.

Starting is the hardest part. Get over that hurdle and and it will get easier. I promise.



Metcon (for reps)

Partner WOD – Teams of 2

EMOM – 20 Min

Row for Cal

ME Push Ups

* Partner 1 rows for ME Calories while Partner 2 completes ME Push Ups, then switch. Score equals total Calories + total Push Ups.


Rest 5 Min

Tabata Hollow Rock


Keep reading to see the updated and improved prize package from CrossFit Slave Lake!!

The Regional Wellness Fair is taking place at the Slave Lake Multi Rec Centre Saturday, January 17th. This is a great showcase of what Slave Lake has to offer for health and wellness. Come on in and check out all the information booths from all sorts of local business’s. Also… CrossFit Slave lake will be doing a demonstration WOD on stage at 3pm! Be sure to check that out if you’ve been curious about what we do at CrossFit!
We will also be sharing a booth with Health Within Chiropractic and Massage, where we will have a draw for a free fundamentals package, a 1 month unlimited pass, a baseball – T and WOD book!

wellness fair flyer

wellness fair agenda


For Time:

15 DB Bench Press 50/30

5 Bar Dip

15 DB Bench Press 45/25

5 Bar Dip

15 DB Bench Press 40/20

5 Bar Dip

15 DB Bench Press 35/15

5 Bar Dip

15 Bench Press 30/10

5 Bar Dip


Metcon (for cal)

Tabata Row – 20 Rounds



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