Metcon (for time)

“Ton and Run”

4 Rounds

Squat one ton
400 m Run

* You must start with your weights on the ground.

** Can be any type of squat

One ton=2240 lbs
225 lbs. = 10 reps
205 lbs. = 11 reps
185 lbs. = 12 reps
155 lbs. = 15 reps
135 lbs. = 17 reps
115 lbs. = 20 reps
95 lbs. = 24 reps
65 lbs. = 35 reps
45 lbs. = 50 reps

I’ve been hearing about this CrossFit thing.

If you’ve been hearing about this CrossFit thing, well, here is where you will learn a bit more about it. We have videos, testimonials from current students and information on how to get started.

Here is a great testimonial from Joy McGregor, she’s been with us since our first class, in fact, our first WOD (workout of the day) was named after her. (testimonial)

We hear some of you say, “I’ll join CrossFit once I can get myself into shape first” or ” I am not in shape, I’m not very athletic” or “I am too old or too overweight”. We understand that most people have hesitations and apprehensions about starting something new. Especially when it’s an environment that you feel may expose your short comings. I can assure you, you have nothing to to fear or worry about. You don’t need to be in shape, this is where you will get in shape. You do not need to worry about your age or your size. We have students from the ages of 19 to late 50’s, in our classes. All shapes and sizes and skill levels in our classes. Most of the students that come here, have less than a years experience. They started with us as beginners in February and we still have new students working their way through the Fundamental classes every week.


We teach you what you need to know in regards to skills and technique. Yes, it may look intense but you work at your own pace. We are just here to put a little fire under your butt and a spark in your step to push yourself a little harder than you may push on your own. You are never expected to lift more or do more than you are comfortable with. Your coaches and fellow class mates are just here to cheer you on.


All CrossFit workouts are scalable. What does this mean? Well, for example. If you are unable to perform a pull-up, then you would use an assist band that aids you in the pull-up, until you are able to do one. Or, if you are not yet able to lift the required weight for the workout, you can use less weight or even a wooden dowel, instead of the olympic bar, until you are able too. If you are unable to jump up onto a box with both feet, you can just step up onto it. These are all completely acceptable. We’ve all started here. There will be no two people in one class that performs the same. We will all have our weaknesses and our strengths. Each person will perform the same workout for that day, the scalability of these workouts allows for these workouts to be challenging for each individual. Every CrossFit class that you attend will have beginners.

“Do you offer beginner classes?”

Well, again, because CrossFit is scalable, the classes are easy for beginners to step into. Before this though, we start each and every athlete off with fundamental training (unless you have 3 months of previous CrossFit training). You will be instructed through all the movements required for CrossFit so that you are familiar with them and the coach has a good sense of your abilities. After you have taken these classes, you are ready to join regular classes.

We hope this eases some of your apprehensions. As always, feel free to contact us at admin@crossfitslavelake.com or send us a message on Facebook. We’ll be seeing you all soon!






Establish 1RM Front Squat


Metcon (for reps)

AMRAP – 4 Min

4 Hang power clean 155/115

8 Front Rack Lunge 155/115

12 Burpee

Rest 2 Min

AMRAP – 4 Min

4 Hang Power Clean 135/95

8 Front Rack Lunge 135/95

12 Burpee

Rest 2 Min

AMRAP – 4 Min

4 Hang Power Clean 115/65

8 Front Rack Lunge 115/65

12 Burpee



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